Chinese nightmares!

13 08 2010

As I mentioned before, I exchange pinyin sms with some of the several pretty girls I met and that cannot speak English.. I just got this:

wo zai shui jiao

I searched “shui jiao” getting:

水饺  shuí jiǎo  ( n. ) Chin. ravioli
水脚  shuí jiǎo  ( n. ) fees for loading, unloading
睡觉  shuì jiào   to go to bed / to go to sleep
水搅  shuí jiǎo  ( n. ) storms in the skies, rumblings in the sky before rainstorm

..given I know the “wo zai” part.. I guess my friend is going to sleep.. I hope she won’t have these nightmares..

But still, I just wanted to show you the kind of challenges I face on daily basis, and this is only about the social part of my life (she is gorgeous! worth some sweat in trying to understand..). At work, it can be much worse!! Do not make me start mentioning the risks of misunderstanding!! But but, I am a laowai.. 😉



2 responses

13 08 2010

No pain no gain, my friend 😛


16 08 2010

Until now only pain.. I am really waiting for some gain.. eventually..


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