6 09 2010

[Written on 04/07/2009,waiting for a friend that never showed – dedicated to H.P. Lovecraft]

What is a nightmare? Something so scary that when you wake up you still do not know where you are, if you are really safe or not.. for some time after opening your eyes, you wonder: is that finished? For real? If I turn around, if I switch the light on, if I focus my sight, what would I see? The end of my life? The scream that stop just a little before reaching my lips, should I release it? Will it find its way out of me to the real world? Has the nightmare followed me to my world? What if the answer is yes? What if the “normal” life, the one out of the dream, the one when you are awake, it is the one that make you scream? It id not enough to close your eyes to escape from this reality. It is not enough to cover your ears. It is not enough to think about positive stuff, to sing a song from your youth, to remember your past happiness. It just does not work. How can you escape from a nightmare when it is the only reality you know? The only thing you know. Your eyes see unimaginable monsters. Your ears hear screams that would make the heart stop of a seasoned exorcist. Your skin feels the touch of sins that any devil would cry at the only thought. You looked for peace of mind as a drowning creature looks for air, as a blind look for light.. but you know there is no hope, no peace, no air, no light. When nightmare is the only thing you know, the only thought, hope, reality, you can possibly have, then there is no reason anymore for fighting, for screaming, for shutting your eyes or covering your ears. There is no light. There is no air. There is no hope. Why fight? Sit down and enjoy the trip. Enjoy the nightmare. And when you realized you stepped over, when you realized you are not scared anymore but you are smiling, you are actually having a good time.. that the nightmare is actually pleasant.. that is dreadful.. and you have a new name: EVIL is thy name..

Picture copyrighted by Antonio Ruiz, aka [ ” OMINOUS ” ] aka Yakuza Mexicano. He is living in Mexico City: he is a photographer and a genius digital visual artist. All rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT NOTE Some rights reserved. Publication of my stories can be done only after obtained written permission by me. Leave a comment with your email address (it will remain private) and I will take contact at once 😀 and I will be very happy!

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6 09 2010

Not dead which eternal lie
stranger eons Death may die
drain you of your sanity
face The Thing That Should Not Be

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