10 09 2010

3 week of countryside life, ie. not going and not planning to go to the center. Weird in a way, but I am doing with the 2 main purposes to save money (that I can use in my trips, like the one to Hangzhou this coming weekend!) and not drink beer or else (that I can drink during my trips as well 😉 ).

Walking often with my walking companion (yeah, we *only* walk and chat together..) and enjoy the outside temperature and weather lately, even if it is going to be bad weather this weekend probably. Better for both of us: lots of Aikido for me in Hangzhou and lots of fencing for her here! She will have a competition soon, and next weekend I will sneak into her practice room to take some pics.. 😛

Last night finally I saw her studying: we tried to study together (German for her, Chinese for me) several times, but we ended up chatting. Yesterday she came to my place, and I took the chance to clean and tidy while she.. did study! Good, since German is tough, but she’s a tough little girl! I don’t need to say that I have not studied Chinese at the end!! Who’s the bad student now?? 😦

Tonight (2am Saturday morning actually) train to Hangzhou. The Aikido training plan is quite defined, except for some openings here and there after checking the level of the participants at the practice and maybe their interests. I would like to practice bokken as well. Some basic cuts and basic kata, mix of styles maybe, just to get more ideas about the different distance and timing you need when having a sword in your hands (ma ai – check this link! very nice!).

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – In China I’ve started hating fish!! Weird and wrong! I always loved fish, more than meat, but in Norway, where you got this delicious huge ocean and nordic sea fishes like steinbit, kveite, etc. Over here, especially in Anhui province, land of lakes and rivers, you got the tiny fishes that have more bones than else and eveyr time you risk your life chewing the wrong part of the fish, full of the tiny scary deadly little bones!!! 😦 Just got fish for lunch..




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10 09 2010

No shrimps?


10 09 2010

bad for sushi…


13 09 2010

Hello, I’ve recently started practicing Aikido at Hangzhou, where will you be holding your seminar?



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