14 09 2010

My country, my birth, my citizenship.. my language, yes, especially my language, that strong accent that every foreigner, Asians in particular, tell to hear very strongly in my spoken English.. my language, that I have managed to forget!!! 🙂

I experienced that several times before in Norway, when asked how this or that word was translated to Italian. And when visiting my family in Italy, a few times I could not find the correct word, at least not in Italian, but I had it in Norwegian and English, not so useful when talking to children or grandparents!!

These days I have been doing some translations, from English to Italian, of technical documents. A little side job for some few extra RMB to use for my travels, especially Aikido travels. But I have to admit that I did not expect such great challenges. Especially not for technical documents!!

So instead to dedicate only a few hours per day in order to manage the strict deadline, I had a bit more stress and now I am curious to know if the translation is good enough for the customer!! If not.. better give back my passport and go hide, ashamed.. 😦

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY Google translate, Chinese simplified to English, is my best friend since I arrived in Hefei! It is for sure the web page I visit the oftest, even more often than my email or my blog! Part of my life that yesterday betrayed me!! It was also my mistake, because I used it on a sensible argument but I learnt a big lesson: do not trust a web-friend like Google for translating the words of a young girl that thinks too much sometimes (as I do).. if to that I add my common pessimism and, as my dear best friend Vittorio perfectly said, “il fasciarmi la testa prima di cadere” (lit.: “bandage my head before falling”, Google can cope with this translation!), the result is that I saw storms and clouds and rain and lightnings where she wanted me to see flowers and rainbows…… 😛

rainbow............. part 3




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14 09 2010

Translation really could be a challenging but interesting job!
I know it by heart: I’m a professional Interpreter/Translator in Italy, besides my abitual job.
You need to have a good knowledge of L1 the departing language of the text to be translated and be mother-tongue (or bilingual) in L2 (the desired arrival language) . Sometimes there are expressions that are not easy to translate because, very simply, they do not exist in the arrival language. That’s the real challenge for a good translator/interpreter.
As a matter of fact simple basic rules read that: Names must never be translated (for instance: Paolo Rossi will be translated into English as Paolo Rossi and not as Paul Reds). Some exceptions are contemplated for big Towns but the correct way is to use their own original name.
other challanges, of course, may come from the topic to be rendered in L2. That’s why specialty translators exists. 😉
If you need help with your tranlations don’t hesitate in contacting me!
Aha! 🙂


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