Funny things.. about working

16 09 2010

Almost 6 months, and the coming Sunday and next week, Saturday, will be again normal working days. The reason is mid-autumn festival, , during the next week (moon cakes, 月饼, lots of moon cakes for me these days!!! It is going to be my present to friends in Europe!). So 3 days off work, 2 gained back working the weekends. As already mentioned, weekend or weekdays is basically the same over here, both for private companies and social/commercial life.

But apart from how companies balance the given holidays with the necessary working days, I have experienced already a few other funny aspects of the working life here.

We have one hour lunch break every day, and it is common that almost all my colleagues take a nap right after eating. Usually using the desk as pillow, but often just sitting on the chair. We also have a special room with beds inside: I personally used one when I spent a night in the company in order to finish a work due to early the day after.

During the working hours though it is also not uncommon that one of the colleagues in my same office starts singing! Apparently all Chinese have a quite good voice and can sing, so it is not bad! Just surprising the first time! On the other hand, I’ve heard Chinese singing (I don’t mean shouting, but also not just mumbling words, really singing) while riding a bike or motorbike, walking, on the bus, waiting for the bus.. 🙂

The last bit is about the guards at the main entrance of the company compound: at first, in the mornings and evenings, when the company bus arrives or leaves, they used to stay and salute in a very formal way. Now, and I wonder why they changed, they just stand formally, in militaristic way, but no salute. Kind of sad! 🙂




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