What is this heat?

17 09 2010

Today it is summer again!

I had almost forgotten how hot can the weather be over here. The summer has not been so scary at the end, with basically only August at very high temperature and humidity, when I learnt how to enjoy AC. Today it is 31C and 66% humidity, back to a good summer day.

How wonder if it will stay.. someone told me lnog ago I could expect summer to last until October.. but the past week I thought winter was catching up fast!! 😀

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Really funny that today is summer again.. since tonight I had decided to prepare chocolate fondue together with Veronika. We have been eating together a few times the past week, she cooked Chinese, I cooked Italian (so good cooking again for someone! so different from cooking only for yourself!). And talking about food, I remembered a couple of past situations with this wonderful dessert (also I had just prepared pear with melted chocolate on top, using my little oven for something!). The funny thing is that today it is not realyl a day for chocolate fondue! The weather had been rainy and fresher all the week, but today it is again summer and this dessert is more a.. winter kind! But I am pretty sur ew ewill enjoy it, even with too much heat and no strawberrries! (and no good chocolate..)

Eating spaghetti

Proper Italian way to eat spaghetto al pesto.. with the spoon too!




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