19 09 2010

A common stop for me every time I was going to the center, Aus-UFO bar in Nong Da Bei Men (Agricultural Uni, north gate) area, has changed owner. Aussie-Kim decided to pass over the activity.

I had really great moments there, met nice people that I hope I will have a chance to meet again 😀

Kim’s words on Hefei Expat forum:

The UFO BBQ Snack Bar is under new ownership. It has been taken over by Chinese interests. The new owners will integrate students and younger Chinese who have experience in cafe-bar service. They intend to still provide service to foreign clients with the usual food and drinks –no jaffles — but mixed grills, hotdogs and burgers should be maintained. In addition to that, milkshakes will also hit the menu and a return to an emphasis on milk tea, green tea and coffee as well. Tequila shots, French and Italian red wines etc., and beers are still on the menu and are still the cheapest in town basically. I wish them every success.

On a thank you note; thanks to everyone who patronised us, especially the guys and gals from NDI and EF. AS for the other crews who promised to give us reviews on this site — thanks for nothing! Overall we enjoyed what we did but are still bemused by the lack of interest shown in BBQ events. Maybe only Australians like this kind of party atmosphere. Also for something that was initiated as a student chat bar, it didn’t fire. Mind you we did not market or promote it at all. Basically, working two jobs is damn challenging and time is never kind in those situations.

Once again, thanks to those who contributed to our success. We didn’t make a fortune but we did pay the rent and did not lose any money. I am deeply appreciative for all the people who offered their support and assisted us. We came; although we did not conquer; altogether, it was loads of work but also loads of fun at times!

Bless you all. Should you embark on your own journey sometime, I hope you will like us find a great bunch of supporters.





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