So happy.. so sad.. so proud!

21 09 2010

These feelings have nothing or little to do with China (apart the sadness..), but they come from the great news from my previous dojo, Stavanger Jūshinkan Aikido, Norway, where they just had a wonderful seminar with an amazing teacher, direct and very close student of Tissier sensei: Marc Bachraty, 5.dan!

So happy that the dojo is keeping on following a way that I loved and contributed to open for the Aikido in Stavanger, prospering even after I left, maybe even more that my heavy presence is not there anymore, leaving more freedom to the new ideas.. not the weight of my thoughts and positions..

So sad because I was not there, enjoying a great seminar.. especially this year that seems to represent my departure from an active Aikido practitioner, departure that fell exactly on the date of my arrival in China.. a life choice that is affecting mostly my Aikido..

So proud because the seminar season at Stavanger Jūshinkan Aikido dojo will continue with other big names, all amazing teachers.. and I will always hope that more and more practitioner will visit the club that I always consider a little mine, even if I am far away..

Jūshinkan calligraphy

Well done then dear Stavanger aiki-friends, keep up with the great work and I hope one day I will meet you again, on the mats somewhere in the world!!




One response

21 09 2010

I am so grateful to you for opening so many doors – to the rest of Norwegian Aikido, to the seminar-life, to Endo, to Tissier, to so many other wonderful teachers and to many aiki-people who today I will call my friends.

This door-opening was pivotal for my aiki-way and for aikido in Stavanger, and for that reason, your spirit will always be part of what JuShinKan stands for and evolves into to.

Thank you and miss you! Jac.


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