Happy mid-autumn festival!

23 09 2010

Yesterday was my first mid-autumn festival in China, first also together with Veronika and as she said, since both of us had no family around for this day, we were each other family. Festivity in China are very much intended as family re-unions. Because of the big distances that people have to travel in order to go back to parents or spouses or relatives after moving for worknig or studying, it is common to have 2-3 days together of holidays. And that is the reason why companies chose to work on Sundays/Saturdays before and after the multiple festivity off-days.

I chosed to work today, since anyway I am in Hefei and my “family” here is practicing fencing for a competition! A pity I cannot practice Aikido! But we have nice plans about to spend the evenings and tonight anyway there should be a much stronger full moon than yesterday (and yesterday it was heavy rain, cloudy sky!)..

So, even if it was yesterday:

中秋 快乐 – zhōng qiū kuài lè
happy mid-autumn festival

Anyway, for me it was a good start of my understanding and experience of Chinese holidays!!! Hoping also in keeping this good company!!



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