24 09 2010

A couple of evenings ago walking around waiting to meet Veronika in town I walked by a place I hadn’t seen before, with a very Italian name, Perfetto.. After meeting Veronika, I asked her to understand if it was a restaurant, a club or a cafe’: it turned out to be a traditional Chinese restaurant with a modern twist, both in the interior design and the way the food was prepared and presented, even using common ingredients of Chinese cooking.


The restaurant, about 3 months old, is located in Jin Zhai Lu 126, just the block after Revolutionary, toward the center of Hefei.

After we started checking the menu, Veronika asked why the name of the place was Italian and they told us the owner lived in Italy for many years.. and we could meet him since he was there.. And it was so nice chatting with Francesco who lived 18 years studying and working in Italy! He can speak an almost perfect Italian with a slight accent from Rome! So cool!

PerfettoThe restaurant opened just a couple of months ago. The rooms have really nice furniture and a great design both in the first floor main eating hall and in the second floor, where there is the more Chinese private room concept. But also the rooms, named after Italian cities, are all different in furniture, wall motive paintings and room tema.

In the first floor, every table is provided by a PC and touchscreen video with a multiple use: the menu is electronically available and it will be possible to order straight from the table, checking the price, sending the order to the kitchen.

PerfettoAfter 9pm the place becomes more a cafe’ than a restaurant, with an amazing second menu with real Italian coffee, Bialetti real I mean!! And good cakes.. a great offer! Being a quite new project and very different from a typical Chinese place, I am sure it can become a good meeting pint not only for locals but also for foreigners. True, it does not have student prices, but the food was really well done (as the owner told us, the chef must also be able to have a little extra in their skills, not only about cooking, but about developing the taste and presentation of the dish!).

A very nice first time there that it will be repeated soon.. and I hope the restaurant will be successful!! 😀



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