India goes down!!

25 09 2010

Oh, it makes me laugh so much!!

I remember just before Beijing Olympics games how many attacks China received from everywhere in the world for the lack of human rights respect and more. And among the countries that actually can say something about human rights, like European ones, where people and rights are actually more respected than in USA or, say, India, the latter, India was so strong taking the first row at throwing stones against China..

Unfortunately in this so called civilized country they still throw stones against people, as it came out those days: lapidation of a woman suspected to be a.. witch!!! Yes!! In “glorious” India.. It happened right before the Olympics (loose face? asking China to respect human rights? OK, witches maybe are not humans?) and it happens again..

Anyway, now India took the challenge, in not such a clear and legal way, to organize the Commonwealth Games 2010. To show the world how better they are respect to Beijing and their Olympics. And for doing that, they had to buy the support from several other countries, with promises difficult to say no to:

India shifted the balance in its favour in the second round of voting with a promise that it would provide US$100,000 to each participating country, along with air tickets, boarding, lodging and transport.

The result, now, few days before the start of the games, is showing the world how far from Chinese standard they are, what a disaster it is going to be!! Shame on India! And most of the reason that pushed them into this was to prove their superiority respect to China..

I am not a good christian but I do remember something that India should probably learn from other religions as well (humbleness? Indian? no way!), since they seem to be so good with stones:

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone

One last thing: I have nothing against Indian people. Got in the years some acquaintances and hd ok time with them. I just hate the state attitude against China! I also never forget the problems of China itself respect to human rights and more.. I am not na idiot, just dislike Indian attitude toward China. French and American attitude toward China is equally annoying, but it makes me laugh less than Indian one 😉



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