Special evening..

26 09 2010

Yesterday night, after a great hot pot with Veronika in Ming Zhu park area, we went walking around and we assisted to the shooting of an advertisement for Hefei. Long time no eat hot pot and at Ming Zhu square, just around the corner of the shop, there are 2-3 restaurants one after the other!
Hot pot

Very professional filming with, so I have been told, a quite famous Chinese actress. She is known with the name Dou Dou, 豆豆, from one of her characters, and I think, but I am not too sure, her real name is: Che Xiao, 车晓.
Dou Dou
The preparation was actually very professional and extremely long! The filming itself, or better the shooting pictures and taking 5 minutes of film, was, yeah, no more than 5 minutes!!! 🙂

Dou Dou

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY  – Just before seeing the filming, we found a coffee shop in the same area. Not bad, I thought.. before the waiter proposed me to try a very special, featured coffee.. A special coffee I had to wait quite a bit to receive, so I was actually looking forward to taste, this.. speciality.. and then I got.. this:
"special" coffee
..and I remembered to take a picture only after adding the milk and sugar to what was no more than a small cup of.. Norwegian filter coffee!!! Laughing or crying about that? The tiny cup was actually more expensive than Veronika’s cappuccino… 😦 Ironic? Moronic? 😦



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