27 09 2010

China is the land of fireworks, 焰火 (yàn huǒ), no doubt.

And so many times during the day or night you can hear and see them exploding in the sky.

P1000254Fireworks are used in several occasions. Many many more than we know, in Western countries. Not only for celebration of festivities, weddings or special anniversary. We do the same as well. As for New Year is also typical for us now to use fireworks. But I will not forget for sure my first Chinese New Year in China, in Wenzhou! 🙂 It seemed a thick fog had enveloped everything, but it was smoke from the several fireworks lighting the city! And Wenzhou is a relatively small one! I wonder this coming Friday, 1st October, National day in China, how it is going to be celebrated! 🙂

But some of the present uses here in China of the fireworks are still related with the reasons of the invention, in ancient time:

The earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China where they were first used to frighten away evil spirits with their loud sound (鞭炮 biān pào) and to pray for happiness and prosperity.

I have been told in fact that, in many parts of China, it is quite common to use fireworks for funerals. Probably the reason is linked to keep away the evil spirits.

Common use of the fireworks also in construction sites, probably when a new step of the building construction is taken And being Hefei basically a huge working area, fireworks are so usual!

I look forward to the National day and holidays and to take more pictures of fireworks in China!!



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