I hate it I hate it

30 09 2010

This is what I think every step while I am running! Jogging, better, yeah.. since I do not go very fast!!

Yesterday, after quite some time, I went out for a short run. It was a necessity since because of the crappy Norwegian weather that Hefei seems to perfectly replicate (rain, coldish, wet, cloudy, gray..), I spent most of the free time after work at home, usually cooking and eating in front of the pc, watching movies or relaxing. And the destructive effect on my body became fast evident!

Without daily Aikido practice I have very few ways to put off the energy and the extra pounds that otherwise find too easily a way to find permanent residence on my body!

Basketball was fun, but my colleagues do not go too much now as well, and the weather was bad too. So when I saw some sun turning out yesterday I decided to go for a run.

I realized that the day is relatively shorter already: small changes respect to Norway, but visible ones. I almost always go running at the same time and yesterday it got dark faster than before. Also, running without glasses, I experience the change of light in a much heavier way.

Of course, once back home after shower.. I was so hungry I could eat a whole cow, and the planned dinner based on fruit and boiled dumpling (healthier than fried) was really not satisfactory.. making me resorting to some of the cheese I bought at Carrefour last week!! Gouda, dutch, and some Cheddar, English.. 🙂 The bread though is not real bread: Chinese bread is always sweet in some ways. Very soft, always sweet taste loaf. A pity I never learnt to make bread. I wonder if I can find yeast in the shop.. and flour.. 😦

As I mentioned, my only “sport” lately is climbing 10 floors without elevator in order to assist to Veronika’s fencing sessions. The extra training for me is bringing up there my Nikon D200 camera, that weights quite a bit! Nest time I might take also the super professional teleobjective, great weight lifting practice!! 😛

Fencing practice



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30 09 2010

So Carrefour is in China aswell.
Its a life saver for many students on Bali, getting to buy some European food.


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