National thief!

1 10 2010

First Chinese National day since my arrival in China and first time I am subject to thievery! 😦 First time in China, first time I got something stolen while traveling and, amazingly, fist time I do not really care!

So many people around town, and Veronika and me where also strolling around, enjoying the holiday and relaxing. Just before that we took her cousin to the bus stop for going to the train station and took a couple of pictures together.

Then we were in the walking street in the center of Hefei, crossing an overcrowded street and once on the other side I noticed that the little pocket in my frontal-carrier bag was open and the little camera Olympus missing.. Wow! I felt nothing at all. Huge surprise! That’s what they mean talking about skillful thieves..

The funny thing was that the second reaction was that actually.. they made me a favour! I thought so many times to change this crappy camera, that I got in Taiwan at an extremely cheap price and with several extra goodies.. because it was actually defective from the factory! 🙂

The only sad thing was the picture with Veronika’s cousin, nice young guy, very shy meeting a foregneir 🙂 She was actually surprised of my reaction, that I did not get angry at all.

I admit the feeling of personal violation came a bit later and it was less nice. But on a second thought, the a$$hole of the thief got a crappy prize out of it..

About the National day itself, it is more like Italy then Norway: Chinese people are more interested in the holiday as free day, like in Italy. No real big celebrations as 17th of May in Norway 🙂 Let’s just say that the only parade we saw was organized by some foreigner friends going around the walking streets with big Chinese flags, Chinese Olympic shirts and.. bottles of bái jiǔ, 白酒, that were trying to offer and cheering with the huge group of people that formed, of course, around them!! I had of course to say hello and got a toast 😉



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