6 months in Hefei!

2 10 2010

2nd October 2010 – half a year in China.. kind of a special day! Or not 😉 Quite funny that the first time I was in Hefei was 21st October 2009, so October it is a special month for my “life” in Hefei..

hefei - 6am

At least I am on holidays for the National week of China. In Hefei, even with 5 days holidays. Since Veronika was busy for fencing practice, and I checked for traveling a bit too late (I realized that ticket from China and in China are not so much cheaper that tickets in Europe! 😦 ), I decided to realx and enjoy Hefei.. and maybe do some home works, improve a bit my messy place.. ok, this from tomorrow.. 😉

The National day brought surprises, especially for my stolen camera.. bye bye Olympus! 😀 Tomorrow I’ll give a look for a replacement, cheap but better than the crappy one, god bless its soul! 😛

Thinking again about October that might be a special month for my Hefei life, I hope that my next experiences are a bit less.. out of the law or they are not going to be “traumatic” 😉

Anyway, today, no plans (ok, ok, I was kidding about hte house work.. I’m focusing on blog and pictures.. and procrastination!). Tonight different, since maybe I have finally found a sushi restaurant in Hefei 😉

Good way to celebrate 6 months.. and if we cannot find the sushi place (we did try yesterday, but no luck!) there is still Perfetto (that was the first option before I got a flyer about this sushi place). After that, maybe visit some of the bars where I haven’t been in ages..



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2 10 2010
Vittorio Magliola



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