Wasted day

3 10 2010

Day of holidays thrown out of the window.. but at least I managed to control myself and not throw the pc number 2 out of the window togehter with the day….

I hate pc, or pc hates me.. I do not know..

My new shiny Toshiba Satellite L505 has been giving headache all the day, stress, anger, many reasons to swear in three different languages (I can’t in Chinese yet)..

First wireless disappeared and then LAN connection. I got the second but still the wireless is gone, and Toshiba user help really sucks. Ohhhh.. another crappy choice for a pc apparently. Windows 7 and Toshiba seems to conflict and the upgrade software does not really work as it should. Every update crashes something else, and I have almost nothing on this pc.

I am so angry.. so angry I did not want to go out at all, trying to fix the damn thing.. and still not managing..

By the way, it was a sunny day and I had plans, until the moment I switch the shit on and all the network had disappeared. Toshiba and Asus, thanks for the rage! The Toshiba is still ok.. for now!




One response

3 10 2010

I know the feeling all too well 😉

However it has been a while,
I am using mac now 😉


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