Golden week – October

6 10 2010

End of the Golden “week” related to the National Holidays of 1st October. Back to work, for a short week, 3 days then weekend, free. Some other friends or students have 2 more days holidays now, but then they will work Saturday and Sunday. Since I spent my holidays in Hefei, I am quite ok with a short working week and then free weekend again!

These holidays brought me a good amount of relax, time spent at home, good food (too much maybe) and, for the universal law of balance, took also away from me my little Olympus camera and a good amount of nervous energy dealing with a new problem with the new laptop.

Now it is time to start planning the following couple of months with a few of major trips: Shanghai at the beginning November for Endo sensei Aikido seminar, Italy + Vienna at the end of November, for visiting my parents and then participating to one of my favorite European Endo sensei Aikido seminars.. and meeting several friends I haven’t seen in a very long time, both in Italy and then at the seminar. Furthermore, I want also to go to Hangzhou once in October and maybe also once in November. More practice, that I certainly need especially before the seminar in Europe!

For the one in Shanghai, I know there will be Erik from Norway, traveling from a conference in Korea, and a Swedish girl that now lives in Shanghai for studying Chinese that will attract all attention from sensei.. that as usual will not spend much time practicing with me. It will be the same in Euope, I do not expect attention from sensei, only because I travel from China to practice at his seminar.. why? special? no… but at least in Europe I am sure I will have a lot of great practice from the several great friends coming to the seminar! And especially Margit, the organizer, and Svein from Norway.. always a wonderful time to practice with them.. that I fear a little now, given my very lousy condition!!! 😛

Anyway, I look forward to the next couple of months, some trips, some friends, relatives, some Aikido.. and for sure much more China and Chinese experiences!! 😀




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