Beach thanks!

8 10 2010

Lately, besides my aficionados following the blog mailny through facebook and networked blogs links, most of the other hits come from my past passion to take pictures of the great beach volley event in Stavanger: FIVB Swatch world league competition. Of course, the official FIVB page contains most of the useful information and match results I used in these years!

Especially in 2006-2008 period, I spend several hours enjoying especially the female side of the event.  I always liked volley, and beach volley is extremely interesting as well.. and I talk about the game.. too 😉

So, today, a short post of thanks to beach volley fans, a few links and some of my pictures 😀

– mostly Miwa and Take love!

Miwa-Take action1 

– getting more professional

Miwa Asao &
Take Nishibori

Shinako Tanaka &
Eiko Koizumi



winning smiles!


– definitively too pro J





Asahi – Shiratori JPN vs. Kjemperud – Skarlund NOR

Ana Paula – Shelda BRA vs. Karantasiou – Arvaniti GRE


I assisted also at beach volley matches in Beijing, for the 2008 Olympics, but strangely enough, I have not posted yet those pics.. like thousand more from Beijing! Future plans.. noted!

Japanese beach-volleyball and Miwa Asao passion, in particular, brought me a huge personal satisfaction when some of the pictures I took where published in Japan.

Published in Japan



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