12 10 2010

No, I am not suddenly gone crazy!! I think.. Today’s post it is about hostnames/domain names for internet addresses. Usual a domain helps to remember the homepage of some utlity we are interested in, so funny how in China the exemplification becomes a challenge.. gibberish and crazy and impossible to be remembered except you know exactly what you are looking for, the complete Chinese name of the company or service and of course the pinyin of that!!

For example, try to write a random combination of four-five letters (especially w,j,k,y), stick a .cn or .com at the end and google it! You got ery high probabilities to find some Chinese company! Good examples are: lpjq.cn, lawqjm.cn, gyjks.cn, wljk.cn.. etc etc.. 😀 They all exist, I have no idea what they do and how many hits they get daily!

The problem comes when you are supposed to remember an address, maybe of some advertisement that catched your attention, or some companies that you were looking for.. something like that.. anything.. Without knowing Chinese, the only way to remember these addresses in paper and pen or type the name on the mobile!!



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