No emotions?

13 10 2010

Who says Asian people are not good at showing emotions?

The day after that Serbian hooligans did interrupt the football match between their country and Italy, also Chinese and Brasilian basketball teams give an example of not so good anger management methods.

Maybe it is good to see Chinese people showing such a flow of emotions.. it did remind me some.. uhm.. basketball matches of my youth.. especially against Vercelli 🙂

I admit they also show a good team work! 😀

Also the reaction of the trainer, “Chinese” (American) trainer, reminds me of some other angry trainer from my past.. mmhh.. myself 😉 Never really good for the team though: usually the coach is supposed to take maybe a technical fault but move the attention of the referee on him, and let the team off the hook for some time at least. Try to avoid the team looking for private revenge on the parquet.. thing that did not happen here.. clearly..

Anyway the Chinese team reaction is way off a normal reaction. Really difficult to understand why they attacked with such a fury. All the fault might have been of wrong referee decisions, still I think the American coach did not help his team losing control.

Ah.. a pity, basketball used to be so much better than football..

On the other hand, Serbian had a history of violence also in basketball 😉



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