Artistic Shanghai

22 10 2010

Weekend in Shanghai.. or for being more precise, 24 hours in Shanghai.. This time I was a bit unlucky with the train tickets because of some rearranging of the train times and stops between Hefei and Shanghai. So I will be in Shanghai around noon on Saturday, tomorrow.. and leave around noon on Sunday.. ie. no practice 😦

But the second reason for visiting Shanghai this weekend was an event called Artist Battle that will take place Saturday evening at 800Show. An interesting group of artists will compete for a 2000 yuan check. All in all, it will be a cool evening!

Furthermore, the production director of the event is a good friend, Psydee, just moved from Ningbo to Shanghai and another great artist, Arielynn, will also visit the event, and it’s great to have a chance to meet her again!

But I will also meet my good firend Ulrich (since he gives me again hospitality) and we will have a couple of good German beers and pretzels and a nice German bar in Shanghai, called Papa’s Bierstube. And also a few other Aikido and not friends!

It is gonig to be fun, anyway, even without Aikido.. difficult to believe for some “freak” friend 😉 but possible! (trust me, I am not happy I cannot practice!!)



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22 10 2010

I’m sure there will be som liquid kokyu practice!

I’ll say hello to Ostoff from you!

Hugs-o-nage, from one of your freak friends!


24 10 2010

I know the feeling with no aikido very well. Especially right now, when my flight was cancelled and I lost the seminar in Cologne with Jorma!

Stuff can be very nice without aikido too, but at some point I just want to be thrown around the tatami in a good way, and it doesn’t really matter how nice the rest is. Well that’s just me maybe 😉

Aiki Freak


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