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26 10 2010

I started writing an answer to a comment of my dear aiki-friend Svein, and I realized it can be posted.. saying a bit more about my life here..

Svein said that he prefers to be thrown around all the day instead of resting: who ever said that I don’t practice to rest??? I think he misunderstood a bit my previous post, about a trip to Shanghai where I had no chance to practice.

Not true that I did not practice because I wanted to rest! I am so sad I missed the sessions on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend, but this is not Norway where one can buy train tickets on the net 1 month before.. trust me! Life here is not as easy as what I was used to in Norway! Especially when it comes to train/bus or everyday life services (banks, pharmacy, etc.).

Every step it’s a challenge that usually I can not overcome without the help of some locals. And I admit I do not like to ask, but I have to!

Besides, these are the last weeks of Shanghai Expo 2010 (ends 31st October) and the amount of people moving is unbelievable! At the end I will not go: many friends told me that it was ok, but given the 5-6 hours in the queue for entering, they would not have gone if they did not have free tickets. I do not have free tickets. And I lost my interest in queueing after 6 months in China, where often there are queues everywhere (from toilets to restaurants).

Anyway, more than 70million people visited Expo 2010, a new record that I am sure will be passed by many units.. How can I be so sure? For starting.. I am going to Shanghai again this Friday (29th October) and the only place that a dear friend could find for me last Sunday was..

a standing ticket on the 12hours long night train!!!

No kidding.. so, just to prevent further misunderstandings, I am not going to practice Saturday morning because I WANT TO REST!!!!! (even if I would anyway arrive late at that session!)

But, on the other hand, I have already got a friend checking the trains for first weekend in November: Endo sensei seminar.. either train on Friday or flight.. no crazy tiring trip for this!! 😉

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY  – Talking about another comment, this time Pedram’s one about me losing weight, I must thank you a lot my friend, but I would just say that it is some sort of visual special effect.. or he is just too nice as usual! 😉 Unfortunately, these past weeks my weight has been increasing again. Together with some of the old injures that have not disappeared even without practice, I am really in a bad condition! Nest Sunday I will practice for sure.. let’s see how many people will laugh at me.. again!



One response

26 10 2010

Don’t worry! I know that you were very involuntarily without aikido 😉

By the word “rest” in my comment on your post I meant THE REST! Girls, beers, good food, studies, work, sun, music, etc., whatever the rest of one’s life consists of 😉

I was just sending my sympathies and telling you that I were also in a similar situation 😉

However, as very often, I chose my words in a clumsy way.

One Freak knows another when he sees one 😉



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