Good morning Hefei

1 11 2010

Good morning Hefei!

Another night train back from Shanghai to Hefei: I really enjoy the taxi trip from the station to my apartment so early in the morning. China is quite amazing for this: even a small city like Hefei is basically always alive. Between 5 and 6am there are already many people around on the street. China seems to never sleep. I liked so much to see the sky changing color and the people starting their activities.. or ending them, like some food stalls open all the night, doing some last clean up and going to get a few hours sleep.

A very nice weekend in Shanghai too.. a special weekend with several friends, walking around with Veronika, having a good kaiten sushi lunch, eating ice cream and trying a special Halloween ice cream with.. cocktail taste (vodka mint, campari orange and ducati the best!!), practicing a good Aikido session and assisting to a pre-graduation test, visiting a really cool jazz bar with an extremely old band and a much younger one (both good, the younger one.. amazing good!!), enjoying a great beijing kaoya.. but more about the Shanghai weekend will come later! 🙂




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