Locked out!

10 11 2010

These days I have been completely locked out from my virtual home: no access to neither blog nor flickr! I tried from both work pc and home pc, but no luck. Http or https, the secure one the only possible earlier, both give no results. News from friends in Europe says the blog is still visible there, so at least nothing bad happened!! 🙂

It is then time I invest some money in the VPN solution and finally I get access back on facebook, youtube and an easy way to wordpress and flickr. At the price of 3 euro per month (!) it is a price I am glad to pay. Not that I miss too much facebook or youtube (I got some Chinese alternatives, like renren or youku), but it is the blog the only reason I want a free access. Without fighting everytime with page errors, time-out errors, etc.

The "crash" on the blog happened while I was writing about the extra good weekend in Shanghai for the Aikido seminar.. it was great indeed! 🙂 I will update it later!

So, see you back online relatively soon..

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Chinese people count age in a different way respect to Western people, and that has nothing to do with the lunar calendar. If you were born say in 1972, 1st of March, on 1st of March 1973 you will celebrate your 2nd year birthday: the year 1972 to 1973 is when you are into your 1st year. So they count the year of age you are into, not the year of age that have completely passed. This is always something to keep in mind when asking age.. especially of cute little girls, the kind I like 😉 You might say that 1 year difference is not much, but in truth it makes the huge difference between legal in both Western countries and China.. or not 😉



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