12 11 2010

Funny thing about Chinese language: in the morning, instead of ni hao, 你好. it is more correct to use zao shang hao, 早上好, that is abbreviated always to Zao! as the common greeting.

In the evening, the proper greeting is wan shang hao, 晚上好, but this morning I asked a colelague if it was also abbreviated to Wan! and he looked puzzled at once, said no, that it is not abbreviated, thought a bit about it and then agreed with me that it is actually weird, and he did not have a good explanation about that!

True that some translator actually gives wan an, 晚安, as both good night (when you go to sleep) and also good evening. I would then think they do not want ot leave out the ān, 安, part of the word, that means "content / calm / still / quiet / to pacify / peace".. nice character.

安 is also part of my name:

Andy –> An Di –> ān dí –> 安迪

迪 means "direct / follow".. I wish I could bring the name feeling in both my Aikido and TaiJi practice!!!



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