Bilingual host

17 11 2010

Third visit at the English corner and the news of the laowai attraction has already become old, not so exciting anymore: much less people and an unfortunate location choice, ie. the very spacious entrance of the main administration building that yesterday night was actually quite colder than outside, has been the ingredients of a bit more boring meeting.

The topic of the evening was also a bit too challenging given that the most attendance is form 1st year students: "plan for a future job"! I expect it challenging for a 4th year student!! So I suggested to change it in "what is your dream job?" and push for a bit easier conversation with the students.

I admit my evening started with the wrong foot too. One of the first student I talk to, a very confident girl, surely not a first year student, took control of the conversation and said at once she wants to be a.. bilingual host! Mmhhh.. I said, kind of interesting, so, I asked her to explain me a bit better what she meant, what she was hoping to do, what actually does a bilingual host in her mind. And then I understood that she might have had complete clear dream career in her mind (even if I doubt), but when it came to explain what a bilingual host does in practice, there was not a chance to get an answer! Maybe, as many many many young Chinese girls (but not only Chinese) she watched several TV programs with some famous (or not) person entertaining people from different countries, and she is hoping to do the same. Or to organize events with international participants, or.. hosting (!) something with people from at least 2 different language groups.. but the biggest problem was giving a meaning to the fancy word "host". Or maybe her career dream was becoming a hostess, a stewardess (flight attendant) and combine my dream (traveling) with her language studies. Unless, the dream was not just more realistic: KTV girl hoping to meet some foreigner guests 😉

Even if she was very confident, little too much maybe, I perhaps was a bit too direct and confrontational (I am for difficult words today!) with her. She did not enjoy the conversation with me and then avoided me during the rest of the evening. C’est la vie.. can’t always be loved! 😀 Remind me of Aikido practice.. I mean, the @$$ face teacher I am (used to be).

The evening, even cold and less exciting, got anyway its own ups, when I was interviewed by an extremely cute girl working for the university newspaper (links soon!) and having fun with my aficionados, a still large group of students from different years, still enjoying chatting with me.

Their dreams? Remember most are girls and most are majoring in languages. Lots of teachers and interpreters. A few businessmen/women hoping to make money. A few followed my line: marry a very rich young and hot girl/man 😉 One only said house-wife. Still I had ok time chatting with most of them.

Let’s see how many will be back in one month.. let’s see if it is like my Aikido trainings, worse than Darwin selection rates..



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