On my way home!

18 11 2010

Friday night I will travel to Beijing and Saturday afternoon to Italy, landing late evening in Milan, and hoping to be home not too late, since my father told me, the fog has already become a constant in the nights of my hometown!

First time ever I can consider the packing already concluded.. as my father said, I am certainly forgetting something! Passport, credit card, hakama for the Aikido in Vienna.. I already forgot the black belt in Shanghai! Oh, yeah, the zori, as my friend Svein used to send me sms reminders!!! The presents, I got some. The luggage, always around 20kg, but I hope to not have to pay extra, at least on this way!

This timing though has had the effect to confuse me! I started thinking my flight was tonight: who said that being prepared in advance is a good thing? Maybe because not used to this.. now I feel a bit disoriented!! 😀

Italy then Aikido in Vienna.. then back on the 29th night.. then the 30th morning I will go together with several colleagues to a conference/exhibition in Shenzhen, south of China: 2010 International Printed Circuit & Electronics Assembly Fair. We wil lbe there presenting one of the last tools developed by my company, and I will be there to give a foreign face to the company as well 😉 Or maybe, only that, since my presence was recommended more from the marketing department than the technical one 🙂 Either way are good for me! First time in Shenzhen (my very first job in interview was from Xbox – Microsoft in Shenzhen.. ohhhh, a pity I was not qualified for them!). Very happy also to participate to a Chinese ("International") exhibition.

I am a bit worried though about the jetlag. 7 months in China and I have always suffered more the West traveling than the East one, even if it is the opposite for most people. I remember how difficult it had been to get the proper time habits when I traveled to USA. And this time I will have practice and then almost no time once back in China for just relaxing and get used again to Beijing time.

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Everybody knows or has at least an idea about how huge China is. Maybe not many people know that whole China is in the same time zone! Beijing time, of course! Geographically, East of China is aligned with India and West of China with Philippines, given a geographic difference of 3 time zones! But the time in China is the same as Beijing, ie. East China time zone (UTC/GMT +8 hours, +7 hours respect to Italy and Norway now that daylight saving time, DST, has ended). Also China does not apply the DST correction: this has been a very good thing for me, since I clearly remember once in Oslo I almost missed my flight back to Trondheim because neither Karsten, Simona or myself had remembered we had to "change the time".. so by luck, Karsten and I went to Aikido Sunday morning practice arriving at the end of the session, since we were supposed to move the clock forward!! I missed the practice but not my flight!



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