Phased out

23 11 2010

3 nights in Italy, Biella, 2 days with just relaxing activities, but my body is still phased out. This last night I passed it mostly awake, watching movies, after I feel asleep (and that was the mistake) quite early in the evening.

MucroneSunny day today, after a couple of days of rain. And the mountains are a beauty! Therefore time to get out with a camera and take some shots of my hometown! The first snow, so white, so full of memories, is shining on mount Mucrone. the sky changes very fast over here: blue cloudless in the morning, during the walk to the center it became full of cute clouds, great for pictures! Then, in early afternoon, all found a way to disappear and leave space to the blue again. I expect some more weather changes before night. But I hope to not spend another night watching the sky, as beautiful as it can be!

light & shadows

I am glad though that my Aikido part of the holidays will only start from Friday. I hope at that time that my body and mind will be 100% in European time! I fear the eagerness of my many Aikido friends in kicking painfully my @$$!! 😉



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