From lounge to lounge – Aiki thoughts

28 11 2010

Vienna. Austrian lounge. Waiting fir the first flight that will take me back to China. I should get home in Hefei Monday night, midnight or after.

Last Endo seminar brought many thoughts. I want to start new steps in my Aikido life and they will not be connected much anymore with Endo or Europe. He said himself he wants to give us basis to build upon. Realistically it is time for me to start building.

I don’t know when I’ll be back in Europe. It was nice to meet my family, my home town friends and the many many close Aikido friends, my second family. But I feel that the distance and new life in China is giving me a chance to start a new path in the martial art world. Anyway what I have learnt from Endo especially in the past 7 years is what it is. I cannot practice more with him both for distance and feelings. In contrast to all the kimochi, contact, I feel from his Aikido, I have no human feelings, no connection with him. I know I have learnt an improve a lot these years. It is time now I put I’m practice and structure my development. A new fascinating challenge, together with the chance to meet more often other Japanese teachers in Japan.

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – 3 weeks ago I was in Shanghai at Endo seminar and he used me quite a bit as uke. Great!! This weekend, after many thousand kilometers for joining this seminar, not even a throw when he walked around, not even a sign of acknowledgement of the effort. And today at the closing lunch he reacted surprised as he met me for the first tome when I told him see you back in China. A pity, because I know I learnt a lit from him and I know my technique is not that bad, and I know that several of his beloved partners during the seminar that enjoys so much throwing around have much less understanding than me. That is why I look forward the challenge to structure my understanding walking from his path, taking my own direction. Human respect is too important for me. Being only good at some martial art says nothing in real life.



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22 02 2011

“Human respect is too important for me. Being only good at some martial art says nothing in real life”.



22 02 2011

As in, I totally agree! 🙂


23 02 2011


as in totally thank you mate!

Miss practicing with you!!


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