Oh my god, I’m really back!

6 12 2010

I almost cannot believe it!! But apparently this service of VPN is really working, not only the 3 days of trial.. So, yes, I am back in Hefei and back online on my blog! I certainly missed the latter, but I can say I missed the former as well.. 🙂

These past days of zero activity on the blog will be paid in terms of zero visits.. or similar, with a year closing toward worse results than the previous months. But I still thank all the friendly souls that spend few moments of their days clicking the link to my blog! 😉

After 5 days in Italy and 4 Aikido days in Vienna, a huge delay return because of snow-storm in Vienna, one day in Shanghai, killed with a couple of massage sessions that fixed my body, a few hours “stopover” at home in Hefei (arrived home after Europe-Shanghai around 1am, unpacked, shaved, slept 2-3 hours and left in the early morning for Shenzhen for a business trip to a PCB exhibition), Friday I came back for real, and enjoyed a very nice weekend here.

A great mix of relaxing time on Sunday and crazy funny party with long not seen friends on Saturday, with even a night closing at MeiGaoMei. Long time no go there as well!!

And then yesterday evening, after an extremely relaxing Sunday and a funny party at Hefei university with freshmen and my friends from language department, I decided to test for real this VPN service I purchased before going to Italy. Blog and facebook, since in Italy I had taken again contact with friends from FB too.. but then.. Sunday surprise.. nothing worked!! I got so angry!!

I admit I am very unhappy of this service: they claim many good things, cheap price (3euro per month), fast VPN from anywhere in China (who are they? google “vpn in china” and they are the first!) but they are very fake, no service, no answer of emails.. I know some people here saying the service was ok. I haven’t managed to open facebook except for the first 3 days of trial!! And to open the blog I had to search a lot of assistance in internet: I have windows7 (I hate it!) and with this you must run the program as Administrator, otherwise no routing after connecting the vpn. As I said, no explanation from these crappy people (I email them often, no replies!).

I am happy to get the blog (but the vpn cuts down ppstream!) but very angry for facebook now!

Anyway, folks, I’ll be again more active here.. and soon I’ll buy as well a little camera to take around with me! Yeah, news will keep coming from China!!! 😉

PS – Also youtube does not work, opposite of what these crappy people claim!! 😦



2 responses

6 12 2010

Are you sure it is not an italian company? 😀


6 12 2010

Apparently it’s from Singapore or USA.. finding more negative comments.. silly me.. I thought it was the one suggested by a friend.. so that I am paying only for the blog…
..and getting more info to what else I should get in order to enter again in fb.. now that I really want to.. again.. 😦
big scam..


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