One day and it was winter!

7 12 2010

The last weekend the temperature was around 20-25 degrees, the sky blue, intense, cloudless, the sun full and shining, warming the earth and the people. unbelievable nice. Summer again. Not that the day before were bad either. After a few cold days at the beginner of November, the temperature had risen again and the weather was really lovely!

Then it came Sunday night and the wind started blowing really really hard! I was in my pc room, swearing for several vpn and connection troubles, and I could hear the wind noise from outside.. and Monday the temperature had dropped about 10 degrees!! In the morning the wind was not as strong as during the night and the weather was not too cold yet, but during the afternoon and evening the temperature kept dropping..

Today, little wind but I can definitively classify the air as fresher than the previous days! The sky was still blue and cloudless, really great weather all in all!! But you can feel the cold weather and the winter coming! Even after many years in Norway, I know I’ll suffer the winter here, especially since all my great winter clothes are.. in Norway! 😦 But winter clothes = heavy clothes and my luggage was already exploding when I got here.. 😉

A colleague told me that for next week temperature under zero are expected. Kind of surprising: it would be a more than 20 degrees drop in one week! Sort of Norwegian weather!! And the air is not bad either. Fresh, cold but definitively not heavy or polluted as one would expect from China.

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – OK, Hefei is not Beijing or Shanghai: last week the flight to Shenzhen coming from Shanghai was delayed because of pollution in Shanghai.. so bad that kept the air-traffic on the ground! Very nice character for the reason of the delay: 霾, mái, translated as dust-storm or pollution overcast. If it was Beijing the first would have fitted, but since the flight was supposed to come from Shanghai they told me it translates as pollution cloud.. so think that the flights were stopped. Sometimes happy that Hefei is still a “little” Chinese city still under development 😉

Let down..

7 12 2010

New god, new disappointement! Always happens! With every religion!

Abpout my new way to facebook, the mess is that being an anonymizer it logs every time from a different proxy.. it means yesterday I got to fb login from Sweden and today form Texas, and fb does not like it! Every time I had to go through the account verification.

So maybe it will be better to not log every night on fb to avoid them closing my account or find a way to log from the same address every time, or almost every time.. 🙂

I know, there is another “or”: get a better VPN service that will allow me both blogging and fb and youtube.. maybe I’ll wait for some translations for making a bit pocket money to use on this..

At the end then, maybe I won’t be so active on fb……. a pity!