Last Aikido weekend for 2010

10 12 2010

I go to Hangzhou, many friends of mine go to Oslo for Jorma Lyly.. so sad when I think in this way! Especially because this is Jorma’s traditional weekend in Oslo.. but I will try to make this one of the last thoughts full of regret for missing the seminars in Europe. When I moved I knew that there was no Aikido here and Hangzhou is actually a pleasant discovery (thanks to Erik and the tip of Horii sensei seminar in May!). And the chance that the people in Hangzhou has been giving me was really special. But also that coming to a practical end, more or less!

The weekend I will go to Hangzhou together with my friend Ulrich from Shanghai and he will actually teach most of the classes. With his fresh shodan from Endo sensei seminar in Shanghai he will start making good experience also in teaching Aikido. And hopefully consolidating the relationship between Hangzhou dojo and people to Shanghai. My hope all the way is that they will manage to participate to some Endo seminars in the future. Until now it was not possible for.. political reasons.. and most of my Aiki-friends reading would perfectly understand the situation. Yes, China like Norway and European Aikido organizations has the same troubles. Politics.. it sucks!

After this weekend, my friend will be more active there, for the best interest of Hangzhou club, and for him a chance to make experience. For me.. I admit I am not sure what I will do. It’s good to practice when someone else is teaching, since I need also the part as uke, even more than the role as only teacher. But on the other hand, since anyway I have to move from Hefei for this, it is realistically better going to Shanghai where a 5.dan is teaching and there are several black belts on the mats to practice with. Going to Hangzhou for sessions taught by a shodan and only very beginners on the mats would be acceptable only from time to time.. since it requires money and several train hours.

Closing of the year and farewell from training there.. at least this once per month session might end. Closing of the year always bring changes.. let’s see if I manage to build finally up some Aikido over here in 2011.

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Tonight I will actually go to Shanghai: when I tried to buy the train ticket Hefei – Hangzhou they were all taken! Hefei has crazy rules for train tickets, changing all the time! So I will go to Shanghai, sleep at Ulrich’s place and tomorrow we will take together a 45 minutes fast train to Hangzhou!! So, the way Hefei – Shanghai – Hangzhou is actually much faster than Hefei – Hangzhou with normal trains (7 hours!).. Price wise just a little more expensive, but I have to take Ulrich for the hospitality.

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