I was 10…

22 12 2010

I know people say to have memories of their youth, since they were extremely young, doing things as baby or very young children.. My first unforgettable, solid memory is the summer of 1982, I was 10, and Italy won the third football World Cup against Germany with a fantastic score of 3-1.

I was with my family in a camping in South of Italy, I think it was Vieste in Puglia. A camping full, as usual, of German people.
I remember that summer also as my first times speaking some broken English for talking with some Germans, and they all could speak much better than me.

I do not remember any other match beside the final, but I remember running through the camping place together with many other Italian kids, and shouting and cheering..

I do not have many other memories before this one, but for this one I will also always remember the Italian trainer that brought us there, to the final and to the victory, Enzo Bearzot who died yesterday, 21. December 2010, at the age of 83 y/o…

..and I will always remember running wild after the match final whistle…

Enzo, now it’s time for you to run free again!



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