White Christmas?

24 12 2010

One night of very heavy wind and the weather has changed completely: after many days of cloudless blue sky, sun and relatively warm temperature, this morning it seems it could snow any minute!! Still maybe too warm for it.. but who knows! Always time to get colder!

24th December, 8:30am, start working 🙂 A Chinese Christmas! Ie., not a holiday!

I am quite glad Christmas day is actually on Saturday:in this way I can make it a holiday too, and celebrate it in a very special way (read the Christmas post, no hints now!!)!

I wish you all, dear friends now far away,
a wonderful Christmas and great holidays!!!

A huge hug from China!!!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Yesterday I participated to a 6 hours annual review meeting in the company, with president and all managers.. 6 hours of talking and showing presentations in Chinese!! After 5.5 hours, keeping awake and trying to get some little understanding from the notes in English of a colleague of mine (he writes in English for me!) I actually gave up trying and for a few little moments I did fall asleep!!! Thank god I did not snore 😉 I noticed that another colleague was actually sleeping.. that is probably when my brain switched off!! Maybe the good outcome of this is that they will not ask me anymore to take part to these kind of meetings!

"Funny"-2 – Just got an email from human resources to all the employees: they wish merry Christmas and they wrote it in different languages:

英文:Merry Christmas
法文:Joyeux Noel
日文:クリスマスおめでとう ございます

In French but not in Italian???????????????????????

If you wonder, no, we do not have French employee, supplier or investors!



One response

24 12 2010

Joyeux Noel, my friend 🙂

I wish you all the best from white Bergen! Yep, this year too a lot of snow here!


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