A very special Christmas!!

25 12 2010
Merry Christimas!!!!


Well, first of all, Merry Christmas everyone!!

My first Christmas in China and taking it as holiday since, thank calendar gods, it ended on Saturday! It would have been more special, yes, but a bit sad, to go to work today as a normal day..

On the other hand, in a way, I am going to work as well!

Special Christmas day!Today morning of Xmas day i will hold a speech in front of a Chinese audience impersonating the French president of a pharmaceutical company that has marketing department here in China and some sort of anniversary. Close to Christmas the French did not come to China.. so the Chinese department “hires” white foreigners to hold the speech as they were the president! And the complete audience was composed by elderly people..

And a friend of mine is in charge with that!!

Some good RMB for 3 minutes speech! With French accent!! ;-))

I felt a bit guilty when one old lady broke in tears for the excitement to be there, with the French president.. and she said Merry Christmas and thanks, in English.. But then the guilty passed very fast.. I am only a “volunteer” 😉

And then shopping.. when I bought a little camera to replace the stolen one.. what better day to give myself a present than Xmas!!! 😀