Happy new year!!

31 12 2010

A special year of my life is coming to an end: I started the year in Stavanger, Norway and I will finish it in Hefei, China. A jump of 5062.23 miles or better about 8147 kilometers. Direct crow flying distance! 🙂

The end of the year is the time to summarize what one has done, the road he has walked.. and not only about the amount of kilometers!

First of all I can say I do not regret my choice to come to China. I do miss several things from Norway. Cannot make a priority list, except for the thing I miss the most: Aikido! But this is easy! A few other things are of course the friends from Stavanger, Trondheim and Oslo; the possibility of freely travel very often in Europe and not only; quite a few work aspects, both regarding the kind of work and my position at work.

On the other hand in these 9 months I met lots of new interesting people (Aikido related and not), experience a new relationship with a Chinese girl, knowing better a completely new world, not only new city, learning a lot of new stuff at work and getting a few of good feedbacks about my work as well. And I started TaiJi, one of the most known and most practiced Chinese martial arts (what we refer to Tai Qi Chuan). And I have tried tons of new interesting kinds of food.. maybe too much given I am not practicing actively anymore! 😉

All in all, the experience is positive. Not easy, as I said, because mainly of the language but also for the huge cultural difference. Sometimes, even understanding what the local are saying, I still cannot understand what they mean or why they mean that! A few walls that still need to show me the doors to get through. I do not want to take the walls down. Just get a better view of there is on the other side. If not doors, I can be happy to find windows!

With this positive thoughts, without forgetting the lonely moments now and then, and the frustration too (now and then, more often than loneliness though!), I will enter 2011, going toward my first year in China, without setting a deadline to this experience. Still so much to explore and discovery both in Hefei and in the rest of this huge and beautiful country!

So, my dear friends, maybe (probably) I will not manage to send you all an email or write on FB or send sms (ok, forget the last!!), but at least you are in my thoughts and I wish you all:

Happy New Year!!
Buon Anno!!
Godt Nytt År!!
新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè)!!

(even if the Chiense expression is usually referred to the Chinese new year. The Western new year is called: 元旦, yuandan)

And given that I will enter the new year 7 hours before you, if I remember to post this when I come back tonight after dinner and hopefully party, it should appear at a good time to actually wish you all the best end of 2010 and start of 2011!! 🙂

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – Almost funny thing of the year, not only because it is the last day, but also because it made me laugh first, then search Internet quite surprised. OK, Veronika told me that in China everyone refers to a pregnancy as taking 10 months!!! Chinese find it really odd that the rest of the world say 9 months!! When I google the question, the common answer is what I actually thought as well: it is based on lunar months. Pregnancy is about 280 days and a lunar month is 28 days.. so, here there are the 10 months! Same when counting the 40 weeks of normal pregnancy and the 4 weeks per lunar month period. Nothing is as expected around here!! Mines your stronger beliefs!! 🙂

Reminder that I am in China: since the 1st of January is on Saturday, the 3rd is then holiday. Public holidays, given by the government. But today after 16:30 we should receive a new system (SEM, Scanning Electron Microscope.. cool!) and from the 4th we will have Korean engineers installing and showing us how to work with it.. so then I am in the team assigned to prepare and follow all the work.. therefore good chances that I will be called at work between 1st and 3rd January.. Yeah, forgot maybe to mention that I miss Norwegian holidays and holidays spirit!!



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1 01 2011
Vittorio Magliola

Auguri Andrea. Buon Anno!


1 01 2011

Buon anno Andrea! 🙂


4 01 2011

xin nian hao 🙂


5 01 2011

All the best for this new year! I wish you health and happiness!

Take care!


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