2010 wrap-up

3 01 2011

Let’s spend a couple of words, besides the pure blog statistics from wordpress.

Special year: started in Norway, went to Italy in order then to come all the way to China. Knowing I was moving here, I had hoped to achieve a few Chinese related goals. Have a look:

..and actually something for once was done properly..

Like I have started a new life from zero (again), this time not only in a new city but in a new land and continent, I also managed to remove some sad memories. Or better,  to fill my mind and my experience with some new experiences and memories. Love is still though like my weight: far to be under control 🙂 But I am not on a hurry and in this new life I want also to not take it too fast.

Job goes as it goes, with all its challenges, and definitively I am not afraid to ask for help, only way over here to do things that in Europe I could do clicking on a link and paying by credit card..

Travel in China, apart from Hangzhou and Shanghai, has not been so good in 9 months, and when not traveling I admit I have not spent time to keeping my house in a better order than the last.. 2.. 3.. all.. 🙂

..and what did I predicted?

Predictions were more on the spot.. but in a very relative way..

Love.. mmhh.. there is time for that.. I do know more Chinese, but not that much.. all the others, ok, they were maybe quite easy to predict.

Quite happy at the end I even started TaiJi, to compensate in an extremely minor way, the lack of Aikido. Let’s see if in 2011 I will manage to do both in Hefei..



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