2011 resolutions

3 01 2011

Let’s do again and let’s not full them again (I know, it looks a lot like last year once!):

  • keep my weight under control..
  • improve my Chinese
  • find a way to practice Aikido in Hefei
  • improve TaiJi
  • take care of the injures
  • keep my new house better than the last one.. less messy!
  • another house related: give my place more personality, for once make it like a home not only a temporary stop (even if it might be)
  • achieve good results in the new job!
  • travel more in China!
  • trying to control my anger, usually against not animated things (like my laptops)
  • take more pictures and being more active again on my blog (got many many Aikido related posts and notes to write down and a few stories as well, even if I am the only one enjoying them!)
  • improve my picture editing (Photoshop and related softwares)
  • being better at keeping contacts with many important friends far far away!
  • try finally to learn to play a guitar (I got one 😉 )

It is a long list this year.

Maybe with quantity I have more chance to get some of these things done 😉

Let’s not discuss too much about quality 😛



3 responses

3 01 2011

Haha you got plenty resolutions.
Am I one of the friends far far away?


3 01 2011

You are close, and can get closer!!
Don’t move from Queensland too soon, I’ll come!!


4 01 2011

you have the same habbits for resolutions as me, I see…

I also put on lots of resolutions – and hope at least to manage some improvements on my self during the new year 🙂


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