Things considered impolite by foreigners in China

25 01 2011

Quite funny that we started this topic on the Hefei Expat forum (I know, very funny and old picture of myself there.. Do not worry, I did not look like that anymore!!) about the title of this post..

Mainly an exchange of the things we do not like too much, still trying to keep a smile and not taking this too seriously, even if some foreigner commenting there sounded like coming out from a church meeting and in desire to spread love to evil us..

We all love China and nobody wants really change Chinese to become westernized.. not completely at least..

Even more funny though that today we got a link from BBC: maybe the Chinese government reads our forum!!!


One of the things I really hate and today got refreshed is the spitting in the elevator floors.. like my building elevator.. I remember I experienced that my very first time in China, in Wenzhou, when some people where spitting in the hotel elevator floor..


And not uncommon in airports, train stations, hospitals (!), shops (!) food shops (!).. floors are floors for locals, like streets or normal ground..

Maybe *this* aspect of society I would like to change it.. 😦



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