How is that possible?

27 01 2011

If I still lived in Norway I would spend every day trying to answer questions that have no answer, at least not a reasonable, logic, intelligent, realistic, easy answer.

The questions that I would have been asked every day would be something like the following:

  • how is it possible that the goddamn dwarf (ie. Berlusconi the pimp) is still president in Italy?
  • how is that possible that with so much proof against him the politicians and the many Italians still believe in him?
  • how is that possible that a 70 years old pedophile pig slept with a minor age prostitute and he is out of prison?
  • how is that possible that his party is still fully supporting him and governing Italy?
  • how is that possible that the judges and attorneys haven’t managed yet to stop him forever?

If I had an answer to any of these questions, a reasonable answer, a logic answer, I would probably have a chance to become the next goddamn dwarf (ok, I am taller than him!), because answering these questions is like finding the alchemy coal to gold transformation secret! Get this answer and become the new god!

Chinese people are not like Norwegian people: Norwegians are attentive to everything that happens in the world, especially European politics since their country can enjoy a quite strong stability and scandal-free everyday life, with little corruption (if compared to South European and American societies).

During my years in Norway I found myself speechless so many times! Even saying and repeating that I have never voted for him, the pedophile pimp, I still cannot explain how come millions of Italians believe in him.

But thank god, I am in China now! Over here people is interested just in what happens in their own life, at most in their compound or in the company where they work. At most! Politics from other countries is not a topic of discussion among common people!

As most of the people had no idea about the Nobel prize, the majority does not even know what happens outside the province where they live. Except from maybe a few news here and there about Japan and Korea, the bad and the good neighbors, respectively.

As you can notice from the daily opening page the only news about Italy is the whale that stranded and died on a beach on the Italia coast.

I can only hope this is a future omen for the Berlusconi whale, maybe it is finally its time to strand and wither on some lost beach and finally be forgotten..



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27 01 2011



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