Xiǎo nián kuài lè!

27 01 2011

Special day today (and/or yesterday, depending a bit from where you are in China: yesterday in the north, today in the south): 小年, xiǎo nián, so called “off year” or “preliminary year”.

I admit I fall short both in the tradition of setting the foods in front of the god statue and in the cleaning finished for the festival. The work in the bathroom because of the water leakage are finished, but the cleaning and tiding post works is far from conclusion!! However, interesting tradition, and it sets an important date about one week before Chinese New Year (CNY), the real important Chinese festivity.

So, then,

Happy preliminary year – 小年快乐 – Xiǎo nián kuài lè!

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – As mentioned, in less of a week now there will be the Chinese New Year celebration. The most important festivity in China, to families especially, and also anniversary of my first visit to China, CNY-2007 in Wenzhou. Some companies will give a little longer holidays to their employees, especially if they have several people traveling long distances for celebrating with their families. So instead of 3-4 days we will get 7 days.

All free and painless? Not really: our working “week” before the beginning on the holidays (next 2nd of February) started Monday 24th January. A long working “week” of 9 consecutive working days!! So not much free time to actually prepare the CNY: I will visit Veronika in Anqing for the New Year day and after that I’ll visit also a nice colleague in another little city close to Hefei, called Bengbu. Extending my knowledge of Anhui province! I must though find the time to buy the presents for the different families (白酒, bái jiǔ, especially, typical for CNY! Hoping I will not be oblige to drink too much of it.. but knowing I will have to!!)



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