29 01 2011

In China the word brother (or sister) is used in many situations. Because the one-child policy most people do not have real brothers or sisters, most are only children.

So cousins especially close or special friends, people that shared something with you become part of the family, brothers and sisters. Not so different from South European or South American cultures! We, latinos, got several bros and sis! 🙂

I got a few brothers as well, and a couple of sisters. A few I shared much in experiences of traveling, living, practicing Aikido, etc. etc.

I sent this email to some of them today..

lunch break of a working weekend.. before lunch for me because tonight we go to the hell of a great seafood buffet place (not that good sushi/sashimi.. little choice, but all the rest is really good.. a place to take you when you come!)

sorry i have been a little desaparecido.. not many contacts..
working a lot and these last few days feeling not so good with all of this….

i count nothing at work because all the meetings are in chinese, all documents in chinese and all colleagues (except 1-2) do not really understand english..
so if i use lots of time to make good reports/documents/explanation papers no one use them and someone else make a shitty shorter version that then is used..

no aikido too and my mood is falling downwards at a much higher speed….

i admit i am not finding myself these days..
a pity because i know it is not about china but hefei only..
in shanghai or hangzhou i would have a more complete existence thanks to aikido especially..

and, even liking more the contacts with the locals than the laowai, the foreigners, the lack of foreigners in my working environment is killing my motivations…

so, i’m here, not really hungry, in a quite blue mood listening on my iPhone/iPod (iPhod) Metallica’s black album at very high volume and thinking I miss you guys!

I hope one day I’ll have a chance to show you around here…

Many hugs to all of you, your halves (in 2 cases) and the common friends for all….

Have a great weekend guys!




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