Wonderful January weather

31 01 2011

A few friends asked me what is the best period to visit Hefei, especially if you don’t want to experience Chinese summer. After this first winter over here, since also most of my friends that were thinking to come over are “Norwegian” friends (“” because most of my friends there are not Norwegian!!), I would strongly recommend the winter time!

I have not really understood if it is common or not, but apparently it is not that strange that we got so many sunny days, or snowy ones, almost no rain in the past month. The month statistics from a Chinese weather page are actually surprising:

Accumulated Rainfall 35.9mm
Average Temperature 2.6℃
High Temperature 20.2℃

(I admit I do not remember 20 degrees in January!!! 😛 )

The minimum temperature has never been lower than -10 and the humidity always in the dry range. For seasoned “Norwegian” friends it is almost summer weather 😀

FUNNY THING OF THE DAY – The cold feeling I constantly have it is not due to the real low temperatures but mainly the normal Chinese habit of not heating rooms and offices. Quite funny, this morning during a very early meeting (it means the room had the warm air condition still off) the team leader was talking and warming his hands on the warm air fan output of the projector!!



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