CNY holidays!

2 02 2011

CNY holidays

First day of holidays and start of fun with friends, a good dinner at Perfetto, great food and time, as usual!

Year of the rabbit to be celebrated with some cute silly rabbit present 🙂 Maybe not the expected present for a friend, but a great one to make a smile..

9am and they start with fireworks.. these will be very loud and smoky days 🙂

CNY holidays CNY holidays

Already the lunch time in early afternoon had been a great and funny time with new friends: the cousins of my colleague Yuming, that I will visit after Anqing in their hometown, Bengbu, 蚌埠, other little city of Anhui province.

radio broadcasting with challenges

Yuming’s cousin, Xiao Jian, works for the major broadcasting agency in Hefei and he was doing a live radio reading of special news.. with some challenges! Impressive he kept the same tone of voice and super professional tone with friends.. disturbing!!! 🙂

It is going to be a funny holidays!!



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