Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

3 02 2011

新年快乐!!!! Xīn nián kuài lè!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!

happy new chinese year


me and Ting TingRight now I am in Anqing, Veronika’s home town, celebrating new year with her family. Like the first time I came to China I get again the chance to live the New Year tradition with a special family environment. Always the best way for me to experience places and people and traditions!

Today it starts the year of the rabbit.. but I do not want to be a rabbit and run away from this sometimes scary new life!

I had a blue day, not the first, not the last that my frustration need an escape valve. I always knew it would have not been an easy experience. Sometimes it goes very well and I forget it. I must not expect too much from myself, especially at work: if normally it takes some time to find your own place in a new company, I must give myself more time over here.

And just a couple of days ago I have received a bonus and a positive year evaluation from my managers… probably they are more positive about me than.. me.. as usual!!

So, my dear friends and readers out there, even if you stumbled by pure chance on this blog today, since I am sure I am enjoying great Chinese food, I want to wish you happy new year in a special (food) way.. with wonderful memory from marzipan Easter rabbits!!! And memories of friends, babies and all that matters!!! So, to all of you:

Best wishes for the year of the rabbit!!

marzipan easter rabbits

新年快乐!!!! Xīn nián kuài lè!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!



One response

3 02 2011

Happy new year Andy!!
Turn the blue day to red and orange…^_^


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