CNY holidays in Bengbu

8 02 2011

I spent the last days of the long holidays period for Chinese New Year festivity in Bengbu, the hometown of Yuming, a colleague of mine. Yuming has lived several years in Singapore and he is married with a Japanese woman: his perfect English and the clear interest in Japan were the keys that made us good friends too, not only colleagues! 🙂

The 6th of February I took the bus to Bengbu from Hefei, and that already was a little adventure. I was supposed to meet a friend to get some help to find the bus station and buy the ticket, but we misunderstood each other. So I went alone downtown, not really sure where the street of the bus station was or the station itself. But with some sms in Chinese from Yuming and some street-wise decisions, I found the place and got the bus for a comfortable 2 hours trip to Bengbu.

There I spent a couple of very nice days, best  way to continue the great experience of spending CNY holidays with other families, after Anqing nice experience.

Bengbu by night

Here too, friends, people, food and drink, new experiences about traditions, and new experiences about a new city, or town, for Chinese standards.. And a wonderful example in the picture below how sometimes translation from Chinese to English produce the so-called Chinglish effect!!!

CNY holidays in Bengbu



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