Too naive for China!!!

14 02 2011

I start thinking I am far too naive for China! I know it is difficult to believe, but not impossible. People that know me well know I trust other people. I trust too much and get burnt very often, but basically even if I do not have a huge hope for humanity, I do trust that not all the people out there is out for f***ing me!

And this is basically wrong in China!!!

I do not mean that Chinese people intentionally always try to take advantage of you, but it is very common that when you buy something in a shop or you go and pay your bill in a restaurant there are either defects or errors, and usually (always) you get a higher bill, not a lower one.. Or, and that is far more frequent, what you buy is defective.

I thought about this yesterday when I started mounting a couple of bathroom plastic shelves and in two different boxes bought in 2 different shops there were problems: in one box a little part was missing (not too important, but still it proves my point!) and in the other one some part of the plastic basket was broken. Of course it was not possible to see it from the outside.

This is very common!

And I always forget to check the stuff carefully enough.

I know about the so called “Chinese quality” for general products, and there are several stories around the web.. but the 14 years in Norway gave me a sort of peace and trust that over here counts for nothing!!

Chinese children are more street-wise than me!!



2 responses

14 02 2011

OMG You felt naive on Valentine’s day,,,
Me too…cant help to think about the yummy donuts I ate last Friday


15 02 2011

Don’t worry, we foreigners are all in the same situation.
However I can assure you, after a few experiences like that you too will learn how to position you and the random Chinese guy right from the start.


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