Boring night

19 02 2011

subtitle: Why I should really learn more Chinese!

Thursday night I had an extremely nice dinner for celebrating Lantern festival with Yuming’s uncle family and cousins. Great food and atmosphere as usual and then we “kids” all moved to another place, a bar/restaurant called Bitburger, supposedly German style, even if it does not have so much German there. Not a place where I usually go, especially after visiting a real German restaurant in Shanghai: Papa’s Bierstbue. There they have their own made beer, a huge choice of German food and.. they are run by German people! But ok, this is still tiny Hefei.. and anyway I usually end up in that place only when other people decide to go there 🙂

The place is anyway very quite. More a restaurant than a bar. A great place for meeting friends and have a good conversation then. And that was my biggest problem, since I ended up there with only one English speaking friend that had already started a quite intense conversation with another friend there. in Chinese.. So I ended up sitting, taking some pics, drinking an extremely sweet strawberry wine chosen by Yuming’s lady cousin, and finally.. sleeping on the quite comfortable chair!! Only possible outcome when the other people at the table spoke only Chinese!!

I have found myself in the same situation before, not only in China. Here the only difference is that sometimes I feel a little guilty I have not learnt Chinese language a little better. At least for some basic conversation. But then I think it a little longer, and now it is Saturday and I am running a test sitting almost alone in clean room, where I have been the past 6 hours, except a small break for lunch.. and I know some people would hope to see me here tomorrow as well, but I draw the line on working 7 days per week! And when I get home (when??) the last thing I can think of is sitting at the desk with my Chinese grammar and start reading..

A cold beer, a movie, go out and meet friends, meet Veronika, finally back in Hefei.. go to eat dinner or make something.. hell yes!! 😉



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