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22 02 2011

I saved this post ages ago! It was the first unpublished draft in my post index. I really do not remember what was so special in this video that made me saving the address in the blog.. and now I cannot even watch it since youtube is blocked here in China!

Still today is another overtime day, and there is almost no one around. In the clean room, I am alone! In the office earlier, all left! So, my mind always goes to Aikido and since my body will have some good practice as well this coming weekend, I post now this video hoping the link is not broken and the video is not about some bimbo practicing aerobic in a park.. 😉


..and as for my father’s comment: account closed..

So, even if wordpress does not allow yet to insert the player from Youku, the Chinese version of Youtube (bad wordpress! censorship! 🙂 just kidding!!), I can only recommend you to follow the next 2 links for O’sensei video’s from equivalent Chinese pages 😉

O’sensei interview

O’sensei in action

And a third link from another really good movie/video Chinese page called Tudou!



2 responses

23 02 2011

Account YouTube chiuso


23 02 2011

wowowowowowo.. 5555555555….
in cinese equivale al pianto disperato del bimbo…



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